Key Strengths

Key strengths as the basis for the Sngular capabilities & performance

Technology. We can invent all sorts of solutions because of our technological excellence in many fields.

We are leaders in information technology and innovation. We excel in all areas we are involved in, working independently or teaming up with our clients. Our combined experience and skills in each field is unmatched compared to companies with individual and limited expertise. Our solutions are tailored to each client and situation.

  • Demonstrable Know-how. We have greater mix of disciplines to design products, services and solutions. Deep insights, ground up knowledge (From the most basic level to the highest level; completely), We are specialists, qualified and knowledgeable in each of the areas we work in.
  • We believe that new technology always comes from talent, and so a team who understands this as well as the customer’s needs is needed to produce the best results. For that reason, our teams are highly professional, flexible, innovative and constantly attentive to the processes of change.
  • The differential value and competitive advantage appears in the ability to innovate at the intersection of different skills.
  • Where off-the-shelf technologies and solutions are not available, we develop our own.

Business smarts. Our track record in business is our guarantee. Over 600 successful projects prove we excel at timing the market, bringing products to market in record time and boosting growth.

We are a company with real business success stories and entrepreneurial spirit. We apply the same technological excellence and clear business focus that resulted in our own successes to drive innovation and practical, scalable solutions and optimized operations for our clients.

  • Maturity and business sense to invest in promising business ideas, be they in established companies or young startups. BuyVip is a prime example, but also 2 million downloads of our own applications.
  • We excel at timing the market, bringing products to market in record time and boosting growth.
  • We have a ground-up understanding of business and technology and we develop our own applications. This affords us the credibility to embark on projects and embrace business challenges with the highest level of confidence of success.
  • Cases in banking & pharma: Santander & BBVA. Set of projects with 10 multinational banks online. 5 years, 5 countries, with 12M of users. Pfizer. We won over IBM Watson, because their tool was not integrating with the client. They ended up by hiring us for competitive intelligence gathering.

Leadership. We help our partners and clients lead or disrupt their industries.

Leadership is an attitude and is in our DNA. We maintain a start-up spirit in all our projects. We co-create technology-based competitive advantages with our clients and help future-proof their businesses to help them succeed in rapidly changing environments. Opportunities for solutions, timing the market and speed of solutions. Time to market-Timing the market.

  • Technological driver, we provoke a state of permanent transformation in organizations and individuals transmitting a virus of technological innovation and process redesign. The transformation impacts all sectors.
  • Working with us means boosting modernization and transformation. We inject innovation and business smarts into startups.
  • We are able to incorporate into any area of business of our client the latest capabilities in order to innovate or to overcome any technology implementation limitations of its competition.
  • We apply innovation systematically to anticipate and respond to customer needs. We inspire, complement, drive and develop technological advances for our customers to succeed and lead the way to change.

Relationship. We measure our success by relationships with our own people, our clients and colleagues.

We always deliver. We are passionate hands-on problem solvers with a winning mindset. Key to our success is that we have a nurturing attitude and we field teams that can build upon their common know-how, experience and skills as cohesive units to new projects. Although techy, our people have the people skills required to work creatively with others. Think Scotty in Star Trek.

  • We are on the client ́s side with an end-to-end focus.
  • We attract top talent for our own team and for our client ́s projects.