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Amazon Web Services Technology Partners

We define system architectures to meet our clients’ needs, metrics and thresholds.

We are Cloud service providers since 2008. Currently, we are technology partners of Amazon Web Services, the Cloud’s largest and most important platform to reduce costs and increase the reliability of business operations.
Our DevOps team advises on software and architecture, and defines, implements, and operates systems that have attained monthly uptimes of 99.9995%.

We also provide information security and privacy solutions, giving advice on hybrid cloud systems.

DevOps, development and operations, work together in the lifecycle of services, from design to development, all the way through production support, in an agile way.

Managed Services including design, installation, monitoring and administration of extensible, flexible, and reliable Cloud infrastructures.

Our services are adequately leveled for the clients’ needs based on metrics and thresholds agreed for each type of service.

Transparency in the management of the service we offer through ITSM (Jira) tools.

Implementation, operation, administration, evolution, and development of Atlassian (Jira, Confluence, etc.) products.

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