Cognitive Computing

Analysis of the Client’s Voice

Cognitive Computing is a set of techniques and tools that emulate how the human mind works in aspects such as learning, comprehension, interaction and reasoning.

Decision-making oriented systems

Large-scale automated learning to build decision-making oriented systems

Extraction of Meaning and interaction

In-depth understanding of multi-language natural languages to automate the extraction of meaning and interaction (e.g., bots)

Meaning Cloud

Supported by a proprietary MeaningCloud semantic analysis product, leader in the industry

SMART content publishing

We enhance content processing and provide new management and posting possibilities. Our services range from the use of AI for text and multimedia tagging to third-party content moderation and advanced search technology for a more efficient browsing.

Conversation Analysis (Voice Of)

An intelligent system capable of understanding natural language in the context of a conversation in social media, a corporation, etc.
Every day, clients, employees, and stakeholders talk about us, about the competition, the market or the working climate. With our system, you can stop asking them and start listening to them.

Knowledge management

In the economy of talent, corporate knowledge is the one largest source of competitive advantage. Organizations move forward to become intelligent entities that harness the potential of its collective ability to learn. Our knowledge management service helps you maximize and leverage collective corporate intelligence. Including business content tagging, the integration of repositories, meaningful search and browsing, and the optimization of knowledge for R&D.

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 Audiense – Análisis semántico de contenido Social

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