Digital Strategy

In order to separate signal from noise, we filter, learn, and help make the right decisions

We identify opportunities, define digital business models, and prepare organizations to implement them successfully.


To establish action plans. We translate changes and growth opportunities into digital language.


To see through your eyes. We approach each project with a unique, realistic, and viable perspective.


To get involved in the results. We blend with your team acting as a digital liaison that transforms your organization.


We set coherent and aligned result metrics with information that is relevant to the management, and answer our client’s questions: What will we achieve with this? How are we going to achieve it? And, how much is it going to cost.


  • Understanding the environment
  • Definition of digital business models
  • Design of new organizations
  • Driving and sustaining change

Understanding the environment

From Sngular, we help our clients to define the digital challenge they face and what opportunities may be unlocked.

  • Analysis of the climate around the brand, the competitors, and the product
  • Analysis of the relevant technologies and trends
  • Intrasectoral competitive intelligence
  • Identification and monitoring of the relevant business players

Definition of the digital business models

Once we have understood the risks and assessed the opportunities that the digital revolution offers our business, the next step is to validate the model or its redefinition, a model from which we will develop new marketing and communication plans, paying particular attention to the customer’s experience.

  • Characterization of the customer segment and evolution
  • Definition of a new value proposition
  • Definition of the organization’s new channels to deliver value for the consumer
  • Planning of the implementation and selection, validation and coordination of providers and internal teams

Design of new organizations

We analyze the improvement opportunities that the digital revolution has to offer, and then question its processes, available capabilities, and culture, in order to evaluate the degree of change that is necessary. Once the horizon operating model has been defined, we walk our client through change in the organization, its people and culture, based on our in-depth knowledge of the opportunities that the digital culture offers, its efficiency, flexibility, and adaptability, and reassured by our professional experience in similar processes.

  • Questioning of processes, capabilities, and culture
  • Identification of key resources
  • Creation and training of collaborative, flexible teams
  • Integration of the consumer into the organization

Driving and sustaining change

Along with the definition of business models and operating models, and once we have finalized the interventions, Sngular commits to maintaining a line of action that will drive and sustain change, so that it is not just a temporary phase.
To do this, there are sessions where we evaluate the implementation of the plans that have been defined, as well as a continuing evaluation of new risks of disruption.

  • Follow-up and monitoring of the implementation
  • Updating the analysis of the environment
  • Ad hoc consulting
  • Validation of progress

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