We like to participate in the success of our partners. We may co-invest in a work for equity model

We own and maintain our own ecommerce development framework, BillionLabs. This agile framework allows us to create and operate scalable ecommerce platforms.

By using our own platform we provide end to end ecommerce services.

We can operate an ecommerce platform end to end, or we can provide specific services from the list above. We can tie our compensation to the success of the platform with revenue model approaches.

We are experts in Magento as a medium to high-range ecommerce solutions, used when we develop standardized ecommerce stores.

  • Order Management . We create customized workflows for order management adapted to the needs of our customers.
  • Payment Systems . We integrate with several Payment Gateways and online wallets (like PayPal) in different markets. We also manage offline payments like in-store payments, bank transfers and Cash on Delivery.

Operations Management and Logistics

We know how to define the sizing of an ecommerce platform, and we can integrate our systems with existing warehouse management platforms or create a brand new operations workflow.

We have experience working with different courier and logistics partners, in standard delivery, same day, and last mile scenarios. We have created our own last-mile delivery platform and we are experts in managing fleets of delivery agents.

We have managed fleets for Just Eat in Spain and for Grupo Modelo in Mexico.

Customer service / CRM

Top level customer service is key for the success of ecommerce. We can train existing customer service personnel to deal with ecommerce operations or create a new team. We do Customer Service for some of our customers.

We know how to define the sizing of an ecommerce platform, and we can integrate our systems with existing warehouse management platforms or create a brand new operations workflow.

We can integrate with CRM platforms like Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Zoho, etc.

Analytics and Reporting

We integrate our platforms with standard analytics tools like Google Analytics for ecommerce, and we can include additional features or products if the customer has special requirements.  We create and manage reports for our customers so they can take the best decisions.

Conversion Improvement

Knowing what steps need to be taken to improve the conversion of visits to sales can make the difference between a failure and a success in ecommerce initiatives. We use tools like A/B testing and monitoring tools to ensure that the conversion rate is good and improves with our suggestions and modifications.

Ecommerce Photography

Good photos are a must to ensure a good conversion rate. Photography processes are also key in ecommerce operations. We can give advice or create an image operations team for the customer.


Your own online store is a great channel for direct sales with top margins, but don’t underestimate the opportunities to sell in marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay. Managing your products, operations and customer service in these environments is a different kind of process. We are experts, especially in Amazon and we can operate your merchant account, integrated with the rest of your processes


For merchants with physical stores, omnichannel solutions can bring customers from offline to online and viceversa. The goal is to identify our customers in any channel they choose to interact with us.

High end ecommerce solutions are better suited for omnichannel, but we can use mid level solutions to provide wifi based omnichannel in stores.


Preparing an ecommerce platform for international operations is not trivial. In Europe we have a big, mature market, but segregated in small countries with different languages, preferred payment methods, etc.

We have experience internationalizing ecommerce platforms in several countries with BuyVIP, that had operations in seven different countries. We can leverage that knowledge for our customers.

We can also help to internationalize ecommerce initiatives from Europe to America and viceversa.


Our approach to ecommerce partnerships allows companies to jump into ecommerce without having to worry about the creation of a team or new processes. We act as your Ecommerce Team and can interact directly with your Top Management

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