Near client Teams

We lead and deliver projects with experts in technology that add business sensitivity

We apply pragmatism in innovation and agnosticism in technology.
We go side by side with our clients through the full journey (involvement and commitment).

NCT. Foundations

We co-design the most effective team with our client and use our experience and expertise to propose the best roadmap towards the project goals.
We set up teams, balancing them in dimension, skills and profiles in order to be effective, productive and delivering with the highest quality.
We are an action-driven company, being agility one of our main values and levers.

Our teams

  • We do not provide resumes, we provide teams that commit to goals and results
  • Our professionals are part of Sngular; They develop their career with amazing projects
  • All our teams have Team Coaches who help maintain the team’s internal motivation and climate


  • Agile Development (Onsite  and Offshore / Nearshore)
  • QA Agile
  • Specialists integrated in client teams
  • Technical due diligence
  • Onboarding and Training

How do we do it?

Agile Development

Our approach. Our recommendation comes from the experience of our technical team since 2010 in projects for major clients such as BBVA, ING Direct, Decathlon or Sunpower, with particular relevance to BBVA Compass success case.
Our collaboration model deals with the following aspects:

  • Vision of the process
  • Quality metrics in teams
  • Sprint model
  • Participants

We study the specific case that we are going to address and set up a custom team where the client and external suppliers can be part of 

  • Scrum Team
  • Scrum Master
  • Team Product Owner
  • Global Product Owner

Sprint Model. We adapt the sprint model to the characteristics of the project and the people involved in the process, improving it iteratively.

A Sprint includes:

  • Refinement of stories
  • Sprint planning
  • Dailies
  • Deliveries
  • Sprint review
  • Retrospectives

Quality Metrics. We recommend applying a series of quality metrics to the project teams to maintain a ranking in terms of quality and efficiency.

These indicators will be managed individually for each sprint and aggregated per project:

  • Compliance percentage
  • Focus Factor
  • Coverage of unit tests
  • Quality

The process. After several years working with Near Cient Teams, we can present our reflections, lessons learned and recommendations. We believe in a model that includes the processes that the following figure collects.

QA Agile

We do Agile Testing in our projects.  

Vast knowledge in programming and testing. We run all kinds of tests, including those you already make. 

Agile methodologies QA expert  team. We have implemented agile testing in agnostic companies, we can do it in yours. 

Adaptation of QA profiles to customer needs.We adapt to your degree of maturity in QA. 

Experience test strategy, test plan and test automation development. We cover the entire agile testing lifecycle and we adapt to yours.

We can do it as a Service from our offices.

  • The service starts and ends on demand, and is executed remotely with or without access to code repositories
  • We can cover the entire project or only those phases where a complementary level of testing is required
  • Like any service, it is subject to an SLA

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