Talent Branding

We work to make talent a vector of growth and opportunities for our clients, thanks to technology.

Talent Branding is a Sngular division that works on 4 major fields to retain and create talent frameworks that both employees and companies can relate to.

Four axes of work.

Talent Love marks:

We make our client’s brand or project attractive to talent. We turn them into a reason to be proud of being part of a team and an aspiration for those who have not yet made it.

We work to create talent attraction frameworks in dynamic companies with technology and data where future candidates might desire to work rather than with the competition.

Talent Attraction:

We work on personalized attraction and recruitment tools, implementing gamification and Artificial Intelligence systems to make it easier for companies to capture and retain talent.
We lure a type of professionals who may not answer to ads but are permanently on the lookout for growth and challenging opportunities.

Talent Commitment:

Work is an ever-changing environment. Teams are exposed to a variety of direct and indirect insights that make it possible for its members to leave their current job.
We work with technology and dynamics to manage client expectations in regards to their teams; we also develop systems that enable us to identify and engage these employees. Our methodology makes it possible for reference teams to get the highest engagement scores, preventing talent from fleeing the company.

Talent Tracking

In an environment marked by the scarcity of digital talent, team members’ motivation and engagement is key.
Knowing how to handle a company’s unstructured data helps us define and attain goals in the HR department.
We work to predict behaviors, find correlations, and anticipate global decisions.

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