User Xperience

User experience

We design sexy, easy-to-use products that work

We design services and digital products by and for the people. We pursue gaining a deep understanding of users, their needs, what they value and what they do not. We create products that provoke emotions and engage those who use them for their usefulness, design and added value.

Our UX projects are based on disciplines such as information architecture, interaction or interface design..

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customer experience

Achieves memorable and satisfactory experiences

Optimizes customer interaction with your brand, by establishing a lasting emotional bond with your customers. Influences in their perception and generates positive emotions around your products and services.

To achieve this, we analyze the touch points of the consumer with your brand. We investigate to find out what your users are like. To get to know them and make them fall in love. To find out what they like about your business, what they would recommend and what not. What excites them, what displeases them, and to what extent does your brand meet their demand and what they are looking for.

We act on all these aspects and optimize every interaction between your brand and make sure each and every detail is taken care of.

multichannel design

Anytime time, anywhere

We design and develop products for all devices: mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, smart TVs or augmented reality.

We think and offer functionalities that are appropriate for each device, context and time. We design comprehensive experiences across all channels.

We take advantage technological capacities of devices for the place and the moment in which it is used.

We offer the optimal design solution to obtain the best experiences in each situation.


Convincing design

We are specialists in e-commerce. We help you launch or improve your online business channel. From the strategic to the functional. We get into your customer´s shoes to fully understand what it is they seek and what it is they miss in your ecommerce. We review your positioning in social networks and search engines. We interpret your KPIs and determine usability problems. We find opportunities for you to differentiate and add value to your customers.

And at the end of the funnel, we help you design your user-friendly, persuasive and sexy web or native app, optimized to increase your conversion rates.

lean UX and startups

We minimize efforts and maximize profits

In your project, we save you money and time and adopt a model based on continuous experimentation. An approach of collaborative work that focuses
on products over and over again, refining it in each cycle. In an environment of high uncertainty, we accompany you in your business project, from the initial idea till its launch.

We apply the Lean Start-up methodology with the objective to validate the initial hypotheses and improve the value proposition iteratively. We rely on the philosophies of Design Thinking and agile development methodologies. If you are going to launch a start-up we are the perfect partner to accompany you on your adventure.


We immerse ourselves in your project


We put ourselves in your clients´ shoes. We interview users that understand your business. It is time to explore both worlds and build bridges between them.
We look at the same problem from different points of view. We define what your customers want and define the customer journeys. We always keep the people who use your product in mind, their motivations, on how and when they use it.

Looking outside

What does your competition do? How? Why? We look at it together and we keep the good ideas. We also see what is not suitable for your business, in order to keep these in mind. We observe and analyze the behavior of your customers, what they demand and need. What are they talking about and what drives them to use your product and leads them to recommend it or simply ignore it.

Beginning to decide

We wish to save you money, effort and time to design a wrong product or invest money in the development of functionality that the user does not understand or even need. We help you to make strategic decisions with a good dose of objectivity, complicity and empathy.


Ideas that take shape

It is time to start visualizing and to discard drafts. Around a whiteboard we exchange markers and ideas.

We focus on discovering and proposing the best way to organize and present the information to users. For this, we review contents, navigation flows, and analytics. We rethink how the user navigates and how one or the other information gets prioritized. We question the function of each element of the interface and play with the screen elements, their behaviors, and micro interactions.

As an expert team of uxers we are specialized in agile prototyping, information architecture, usability and interaction design.

Your product does not exist yet, but you can touch it

It has not been developed nor has it been implemented, but you can visualize it, model it and even test it, as a result of agile prototyping.


Attention to details

We believe that the difference between a good and unforgettable product can be found in the details of a great design

Emotion and rigor

Attention to detail and design till the last pixel. It´s always fun to leave users speechless. It is time for the “wow effect” that results from being consistent and rigorous.

We know and methodically apply the guiding principles and the cross-platform design guidelines. Before we are designers and developers, we are early adopters and consume the novelties of the market with enthusiasm. As singular uxers we constantly navigate the web and beyond it we are constantly on the lookout for interface design.

We believe in simple, modern designs that work. We like interfaces that excite the user and generate business for you.



Each design process is a redesign, a discovery, a dialogue that never stops

We launch experiments, measure and validate the results. We listen and learn. We confirm if the initial hypothesis complies with the interests of the user and your business objectives. We test designs by using A/B tests, eye tracking or user tests, even before they are implemented. We enrich the dish “while it is cooking”, in an iterative process of continuous improvement.

Is your project already underway?

We evaluate the quality of the experience of your website or application. We ask experts as well as your users. We immerse ourselves in your project. Let’s get started!

We are designers

We design sexy, easy-to-use products that work

We love our work, we get excited about every project we undertake and start these with an ever surprising agility.

Our mind is creative, our spirit assertive, constructive, positive, restless… and contagious.
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We are Sngular Xperience

Our Brand doesn’t have an “i”. Yes, you´ve read it well

What do we do with this “i”? We borrow it from our logo and give it to you, in the shape of innovation, ingenuity, initiative, ideas, intelligence…
We communicate, we move, we work as a tidal wave of applied knowledge. We are the hundreds of dots on the “i´s” that generate ideas, innovation and intelligence.

Sngular xperience is the division specialized in the singular group´s user experience.

Take part in a great project

Sngular was born with an experience of more than 20 years. We work on large projects for large clients. Our team consists of more than 300 designers and engineers in Spain, Mexico and the USA. Come and have fun with us!

Join us!

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