Virtual Reality

Sngular technology for the development of an immersive, experiential layer.

We design and develop immersive virtual reality experiences. We cover the entire VR/AR ecosystem, providing a technological plus, and offering competitive advantages to our clients.

At Sngular, we have developed a new analytical technology based on VR and AR – extended reality. Our goal is for companies from different sectors to understand and integrate this technology into their business processes.

VR Ecosystem

Our VR developments immerse the user in the ultimate VR experience, providing additional new neuromarketing and mass analytics formulas. We innovate with haptic devices, impact gloves or suits, holographic systems, etc. that enable greater interaction with the environment.

Personalized and interactive VR applications

Thanks to mobile platforms we can give our developments autonomy, and they can be consumed from the user’s very own mobile device. At s|ngular, we have over 20 years of experience in technological developments for mobile platforms.


Invite your clients to live the ultimate electronic shopping experience

Imagine being able to create the perfect store for your client without limitations!! Enhanced user experience thanks to virtual reality and augmented reality that enable your client to browse the virtual store, see different products, and simulate the “real” experience of a visit.

Branding VR

We make your brand arouse emotions. Thanks to this technology we can add visual information to reality, creating all sorts of interactive experiences: 3D product catalogs, virtual fitting rooms, extended advertising, and much more.

Virtual visits

We add new experiences and sensations. Virtual tours are an innovative, fun, and interactive experience that awakens new sensations through the use of photographs, 360º videos, 3D hyper-realistic recreations, and other techniques such as holograms. Virtual visits or tours can become the most visited sections of any website or app, given their visual appeal and high level of interactivity. The goal of the virtual visit is to significantly increase user permanence and, consequently, their interest in the site or product.

Virtual reconstruction

Experience it in 20 square feet. The use of 3D rendering enables us to create environments that no longer exist (Roman Theaters) or structures that have not been built yet (skyscrapers, show flats, etc.). And this can be extrapolated to anything: we can rebuild environments, furniture, vehicles, etc. The idea of this technique is to let the user experience how it would feel to be there and appreciate the greatness of spaces, volumes, distances, textures, colors, and sounds, thanks to virtual reality.

VR education

Virtual Reality is a technology that can be applied to the field of education, not least thanks to the visualization possibilities if offers regardless the discipline we are studying. In this way, students can immerse into artificial, otherwise inaccessible scenarios. This is VR’s huge potential in the field of education as an auxiliary tool or even as a primary ingredient of a new teaching methodology.

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